who is this?

this kid is in the NADS haxity guild so he must be someone at least on the old sitte.

kid screams on mic since minute 1, afks for 15 minutes because Necro took aegis when monkey had like 1 item and necro had like 3 or 4.

in spite of all this we win because im a god gamer.

but dear lord someone plEASE tell me who the fuck this goddamn ape is

a2pas friendlister - @a2pas

i gave him like legit 5+ chances where id unmute him in an attempt to allow communication but everytime i did he was already screaming on mic and blaming everyone but himself

the most unbearable person ive encountered in a long ass time

wow i actually have to make an account on your shit forum to address this.

  1. My mic wasn't even plugged in this game. You are lying through your teeth by saying I was screaming on my mic. On the contrary, YOU were screaming into your mic. It was next level autismo screaming. It made me laugh IRL. That kind of dota RAGE is hard to come by. Seldom do you see a grown man screaming at the top of his lungs during a video game. I hope your parents didn't hear you upstairs.

  2. Friendly reminder, this is the game where YOU queued for Safelane Role and picked Jakiro. Who is the game ruiner? Who is the griefer?

  3. You were very low game impact this game. You didn't demine any of techies mines all game. You waited for our cores to die to mines to conveniently put a sentry down. You and CM supports dragged that game out an extra 20-30 minutes just because techies mines were not dealt with. I had to buy a gem and sentries to address these issues.

  4. I had the same farm as Necro when we killed Roshan. He transferred branches and clarities to me to grief me from getting aegis. Necro should not be getting aegis over Pos 1 MK. On a side note, that necro literally bought back (4 rage buy backs for no reason) and debated destroying his items (he put them on ground in base and pondered on destroying them). We killed rosh at 35 Min. Here is the net worth comparison at 35 Min. So get the fuck out of here with your "monkey had 1 item necro had 3-4."

I like how you came to your echo chamber to provably blatantly lie about the game. You projected basically everything you did onto me. Nice forum and nice forum mod :slight_smile:

  1. you made an account to come lie about a game. you literally got 4x reports LMAO
  2. i queued wrong and thats life
  3. we litrally never had wards in stock so you're just on some bullshit LMAO. i got commended by the other 3 players on our team LMAO
  4. that necro carried you.

I lied? I just proved every claim you made in your post was false.

Claim 1: I screamed into my mic and raged. Truth, i didnt have mic plugged in and didnt use voice coms a single time

Claim 2: I had 1 item at rosh and necro had 3-4, see net worth graph screen shots

Claim 3, I afk 15 minutes. See net worth graph, you would see a plateau for 15 minutes. Didnt happen, another lie.

Claim 4: you didn't win the game because of ANYTHING you did. You literally didnt even demine techies and you picked jakiro queueing safelane role.

you're a real weird dude

blatantly lying is just silly. "my mic wasnt plugged in"


A solid response when you are caught in multiple lies and called out in your echo chamber. You really need to work on your anger issues. Thanks for linking my Dotabuff. People can see my higher win rate :slight_smile:

u really should unplug ur mic tho, maybe youd stop losing as much as u do

I didnt use voice coms a single time that game and you know it... you can stop repeating the same lie now. You know you were the one screaming at the top of your lungs on the mic.

"Losing as much as you do" says the guy with a lower win rate. See dota buff comparison.

I am actually really surprised you let my comments post though. I would think a mod like you would have prevented me from posting so you wouldnt be caught in a plurality of lies on your own forum. Props for being a man and letting me post here

What was your acct name on nadota and how do you know haxity

u raged and everyone hated you idk what to tell you.

both of us know the truth i dont give two shits if u come here lying

I dont know haxity. Ive played a few games with him for guild contributions. But i got invited from a player i used to play in DCL with that i saw in a pub game.

What lies am i propagating? I already dissected all your lies and disproved them.

How did you hear about this thread within like 2h of its creation and come to this website to argue with kyle

because he told me he was gonna put it on forum in post game

again another lie. i asked who you were. i never even mentioned namafia. i mentioned nadota.

someone here knows you and todl you about it