who is this?

Nah, I literally just googled "Nadota Forum" and it was the first post on the forum. Its really not hard to use the internet.

Do you have a screenshot or chat log

In fact - can you post a screenshot of yourself logged into dota with that dota game up

Already posted multiple screen shots of that game to prove this raging jakiro safe lane picker wrong

go look at the game in opendota and look at all chat, id bet my team flamed him in allchat irrc. id imagine he bitched a ton there too

i mean, you literally said you were gonna report every single player on our team that game at some point.

Are you goyclub?

I am an oldschool dota 1 player that quit dota for 4-5 years to get a real job, then i came back recently (around Covid 19) to play some ranked. I am already almost higher MMR than this kyle guy and my first game in like 5 years was March 2, 2020. XD

Why are you so angry?


ye you can clearly see the entire team flaming eachother in that chat log

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"buys back destroys items" this describes the moment where necro bought back and put all his items in fountain, CW was talking to necro, not me. I can prove this based on the replay and time stamp if youd like?

This thread is a pathetic showing by all parties

And you get to see the sentiment of my pos 5 support "put monkey back in game" this guy was griefing me all game.

Hey and that means my goal is complete. I didn't let this Kyle guy come to his echo chamber and have his way by spinning these lies :slight_smile:

what the actual fuck is going on in this thread

if this is a legit new user it’s hilarious

its legit. hes a weirdboy tho

he'll probably stay and post here because he is one of those rager boys. bet he'd fit in tbh

he does have the nadota spirit


Kyle is a power hungry mod who refuses to do his job and won’t ban himself

I stand with you

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