Who is who

Claim you are real or accuse someone of being an imposter in this thread.

Real Huber here.

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Real Dan here, cap grass is a fraud.

Real nma here, @Nmagane is a fraud


Bursts into laughter louder than ever heard in history - breaking glass in a cartoonish manner as my eyes bulge out of my face and my lungs deflate like baloons. This laughter lasts for 15 minutes straight, and the namafia crowd joins in as they observe your post - and as our laughter slows down to an eventual halt we decide to collectively Like your post

Shares post on teamspeak enthusiastically like one shares music and art they enjoy, and my teamspeak friends cackles like hyenas at the post and decide to Like it too - collectively

Spitwad is not spitwad

The guy with orion’s avatar is not orion

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Like I said, I’m the real nmagamer

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I’m me

i’m nobody so who would impersonate me

fake rainbow here

Timado here

real timado?

Tier 1 Dan here to save you from these second-rate wannabes

Where’s the rest of the Dan Squad?

maestro not m8stro

Real kkat here. Timado just confirmed on twitch that’s really him.