Who Stole Nma's Account: An Official Namafia Investigation

A heinous crime has been committed: the account of one “Nmagamer” has been hijacked. As one of the most respectable, greatest posters on this forum, we owe it to him to find the culprits behind his untimely demise.

Close friend @anon75925521 has hinted that there are two posters with the motives, as well as the means, to complete this heinous act. Our chief detective, @big_ass, will be in charge of questioning the two chief suspects, @Derumination and @ilmemmerdelui, in this thread. Please, be open and honest with all his questioning, or you’ll only make this harder on yourselves

I Dindu

We will see about that. @anon75925521, do you have some evidence that you can turn over to our investigative team?

The burden of proof isn’t on me when I was simply accused, falsely?

We should ban div


Not because of this current thing but just because his posting is bad

Hold on a second. I’ve discovered some new evidence with horrific ramifications.

@SOPHIE How does it feel knowing that your members are conducting a kangaroo court right under your nose with no authority?!


I do not respect the authority of this council

In my posts I was simply epistemologically traveling, I am well within my rights stated in the articles of confederation.

Does this image look familiar to any of you? This is what nmagane's avatar was changed to. Is this a grand conspiracy orchestrated by @epochplaysgames?

My freedom of movement shall not be hindered or encroached

Do you even know the rules? What rules have I broken?

Account sharing is a hallowed tradition of this website and is one of the last few things that is entertaining and good about this place

I encourage you all to send your password to the poster whom you hate the most in order to experience the euphoria and freeing sensation therein and better understand this issue

Awaiting your password :smile:

If you’ve never known the thrill of watching broodstar repost the same unfunny meme from your account over and over, despite the pleas of the masses to “ban alightsoul” and “this isnt even funny,” you’ve never truly lived

I don’t need other people to get that kind of clout.

See: Thread

If clout chasing is a bannable offense just ban me right now brothers I’m guilty

And the converse: taking broodstars account and openly flaming mason for some bogus reason and watching brandon writhe in agony as years of good credit and solid reputation are torn to shreds