Why does Nyte attract sociopathic, evil men?

First it was Troia, now it's me, why does she do it? Who will she get next?

Questions that crippled me as I biked through the nature preserve arguing with myself.

She can't keep getting away with it!

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I had to pull over on the side of the road; the sight of the North Alabama Equestrian Stables reduced me to uncontrollable sobbing.


At least you didn't have any money for her to succ away

hopefully she does it to me I just want a gf

I'm soliciting lawyers to attempt to take her to civil court for stealing the best year of my life away from me.


nyte has done no such thing

It's just the nature of the world for us to be victims. To live, to laugh, to love -- is to suffer. Watch Ben Shapiro youtube videos

Alexa play Ben Shapiro Owns Feminist vol. 3

fucking Jones gets the attention of a female and he has the AUDACITY to complain. Meanwhile I’ve gone full incel and roasties refuse to even acknowledge me

I don't even know what a vagina looks like any more

All I see now ben shapiro swallowing BBC

Going to need @matticus to weigh in, he knows her best.

You’re crossing a fucking line jones and you know it.

Young men though inexperienced are good at taking instructions. What's more empowering than bewitching a young maggot only to squash it like the insect it is.

The nyte giveth and the nyte taketh away.

n ihgers

poor young men.

For instance @Matticus told me about a year ago to not give her a cent. Does she have a history (beyond Troia) of doing things like this? Please clarify what you told me a year ago @Matticus (I should have heeded your warning).


nyte is very condescending and mean, she should get off of her literal high horse

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hey man have you ever watched RooshV? He's probably as smart as Lifecoach.

Great incel thread guys keep it up