Why having a high IQ sucks.

Read a book recently. I won’t name it as the comment I am about to make would be unfair. But it was a good book about people who fall right of the bell curve. Written by a smart man with an IQ in the 130’s.

However, his thought process came across sloppy and hard to understand to me. Not hard to understand as in too smart to understand, but hard to understand as in too stupid to understand.

He is not stupid, but it just showed the difference between someone with a 150+ IQ trying to understand someone with a 130+ IQ.

Now most of the population has an IQ of 100, and we live in a world where the dumbest people shout the loudest and get given special treatment therefore the media and other organisations cater for them, so we have to deal with people with a low IQ on a daily basis; I realized today that having a high IQ is basically a curse… how can you find people to communicate with properly when even someone in the top 1 percentile seems stupid to you?

Should I jon Mensa?

This isn’t meant as an oo look at me post. It is a serious question.

Started crying while reading this

That’s a shit post

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Not understanding != Shit post

I feel the same way as OP when I read poetry.

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All I’m seeing is that the black one is just a little bit taller

I like Reddit mensa

I want to fucking not be amer being amer fucking sucks i hate being me

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It’s like they’ve never been on the internet before and don’t realize they are the laughing stock of the whole world

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What do you want to be instead

It’ll be ok

The fog comes

on little cat feet.

It sits looking

over harbor and city

on silent haunches

and then moves on.

Free Verse by Robert Graves

I now delight

In spite

Of the might

And the right

Of classic tradition,

In writing

And reciting

Straight ahead,

Without let or omission,

Just any little rhyme

In any little time

That runs in my head;

Because, I’ve said,

My rhymes no longer shall stand arrayed

Like Prussian soldiers on parade

That march,

Stiff as starch,

Foot to foot,

Boot to boot,

Blade to blade,

Button to button,

Cheeks and chops and chins like mutton.

No! No!

My rhymes must go

Turn 'ee, twist 'ee,

Twinkling, frosty,

Will-o’-the-wisp-like, misty;

Feelings, Now by Katherine Foreman

I genuinely do not understand these poems and would fail a literacy test on them

Delete dis

Literally fuck poetry dude


I’m at work

Delivering food is not work