Why having a high IQ sucks.

I’m in the training room pretending to read SOPs


You got a new job at Target?

I’ve been working a real job since I got to Seattle…

At Target?

Seattle has $15/hr minimum wage

Yeah well you also have to pay $1.49 for a dollar menu item at taco Bell so it evens out


I mean I would have no idea because I don’t live there and you do, but I’m pretty sure I’m right and you’re wrong

I have a medical job…

130 is not a high iq

130 is statistically like 1 in 100 friend is right

perfect is shit


Hey matticus

? Hello


my asscheeks started clapping when i read this

You arent smart

This thread isn’t for people like you

Just being pretentious to be pretentious

Namadia is performance art