Why having a high IQ sucks.

Everything posted here is a work of fiction

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Just because you don’t understand it, doesn’t make it art.

Iq is a really worthless measurement so long as ur not like incredibly dumb ur fine

i think im smart enough to applaud in this thread

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This is fantastically wrong

Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean you’re nothing more than a part of a bigger artistic piece

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You probably cheated.

Well I have a p high iq and I’m pretty dumb

Maybe I’m dumber now cuz the drugs

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unfortunately, no one gives a fuck about iq tests so cheating on one is not very likely to be possible

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You’re a lab runner. Zero chance your IQ is high. You probably play cleave jugg

well actually i play qotf phase run smoke mine glacial cascade miner

my first job out of college pays $106K


basically, if you care about iq tests, your iq is probably below sea level, Sorry!

How much does it cost you to work there. You obviously have a cocaine problem.

This is wrong
Every great inventor of all time had a high IQ.


Every great philosopher, also great IQ

I follow a strict budget where cocaine falls under “recreation” and is never more than 15% of my net income