Why we might be alone


I had this guys thiughts before i knew who he was.. i am a genius


we might not be alone


let me just make up some numbers and pontificate on it because i know math

if there is a god (spiritual or artificial) and he only created us and life on earth (because we're really cool and important) doesn't that make our god a different life form? if there isn't a god seems unlikely there aren't more planets with life

tldr: jdance moment

Why you might be alone: Weird facial bone structure

Can someone summarize the video's main point for me

There is no god

And yes

uses math to show how unlikely planets can sustain any life. assumes life needs certain parameters (bacteria, oxygen, water, etc). then the planet's biosphere needs to be stable for millenia (atmosphere, tectonics, ph)

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he basically masturbates to earth (because we're special)

Thats not really whats in the video

Its more like showing that the justifications that people use to believe in aliens are high in bias and not rooted in any actual facts whatsoever

it isn't about life being anywhere it's about it existing anywhere

Are you on drugs right now or did we not watch the same video

you don't think there are other planets or moons out there with 4 billion+ years of work?

Anyway i have provided infallible proof as to why aliens might not exist and i now feel much more justified in my beliefs because professor man has my same points without me knowing about him

Like when 2 guys invented calculus at the same time


could be alone no cap