Will you sign the sugar free pledge?

I was recently told by a good friend of mine that he would no longer be my friend if I continued to eat sugar drinks and substances.

I decided I want to be his friend becauSe I like him a whole lot.

So I've pledged myself to no more sugar.

Will you also pledge yourself?

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Yes, sure

What about vodka and weed brownies?

he doesn't even read your posts, i don't think you're being honest with yourself about what this friendship is. also, online friendships just are weird.


Not surprising that Nyte refuses to take the no sugar pledge. Personal responsibility and good health decisions are, after all, gross tools of the white patriarchy.

Nyte. Please heave yourself out of this thread


Girlfriend gave me small piece of a cookie her new Zealand friend mailed to her and I forgot about the sugar free challenge. I'm sorry.

theGreatWingdingi and I are seriously best friends. and he would never be mean to me

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I think im withdrawing from sugar. i am very lethargic

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Maybe it's the caffeine

i took a caffeine pill

Can I re-sign the sugar free pledge

I read a book that showed spiders on caffeine making really wirey webs so I stopped drinking coffee then her dad said that book has been debunked and I don't know what to do

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Can I still have phenylalanine?

we also need a pledge to stop masturbating. i have done that 4 times today again.

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not sure why nyte feels the need to drag everyone else down?

Just don't touch your dick.

I'm on a no sugar diet so I support you. I eat bananas, blueberries and no sugar added ketchup which has like 25% the sugar of normal ketchup. iirc that's really the only sugar I consume..my protein powder is made from algae and uses stevia.

gotta keep the brain running xd

you can do it guys~