Women's league hearthstone lmfaoooooo

I’ve never seen something so cringey make it stop

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Blizzard games always have the absolute worst events

Women-exclusive intellectual sporting is sexist against women

yeah there’s really no reason why women should be worse at video games than men let them compete normally

I don’t know what level of irony this is on, but I unironically agree

esp at shitstone

like a 30 card game where every deck list is on the internet to choose from.

there is no secret decks, there are no curveball decks. This game is garbo 1000

Do you have an issue with women?

I couldn’t even understand csgo women’s teams I had more competitive games at LEM matchmaking than the games they played

Watch it.

It’s kind of interesting because results would indicate women genuinely are worse at video games on average (or there are fewer very-high-performing women, to be entirely accurate) however this very statement would be considered offensive by some, especially if paired with speculation about the reasons for this gap

So if we reason from the sexist assumption (which may in fact be reality) that women are at a disadvantage, it makes sense to run a tournament exclusively for women (like we would in physical sports where women are more demonstrably disadvantaged)

However in doing so aren’t we essentially being sexist.

Then if you turn it around a lot of people would say, well why are you trying to prevent women’s tournaments? Are you sexist?

Basically what I am saying here is that I hate women and minorities and don’t think they belong in video games

No idea what they want–classic women

There was an article about metoo creating new barriers for women in finance from men who will no longer associate with them in any sort of private setting


I read it and it was fairly stupid

Why are there no names on screen

Is that MagicAmy

I really thought it was a fake news thing

No one’s gonna watch this shit just like nobody gives a fuck about other women’s sports except during the Olympics when they pretend to so USA can pad its medal count with dumb shit like women’s hockey or shotput.

I like to think card/board games are different since no real mechanical execution skill required and it’s more critical thinking/problem solving which isn’t gender specific. Could be wrong shrug