world war 3 thread


who are you declaring on first or are you still fabricating claims

we go Ukraine first and you know how it do, misinformation g a n g

dude i can’t even understand you this is like some hybrid english


oh so you're playing the maskirovka card then

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globalization makes people too much money world wars are in the past unless you go near apocalyptic scale which will anger a bunch a nerds

moving divisional flags on maps probably won't happen again until we're killing each other in space

if you're talking about local conflicts yea sure we're just insulated and privileged here in america that happens all the time

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Russia will not attack stop watching your USA propoganda

omg russia omg im american omg russia russia russia.

you fucks understand the terrain of what those fucks need to cross. The amount of blood that will be spilled not worth it.

Its fuckin flat

Lets go brandon!

I see it c'mon dude

Bro I was just as surprised as you

More like sussia

Bombs being dropped on kyiv now. It's actually happening

I feel sorry for the people there, but this will cripple Russia's economy and fuck them over for at least 5 years.

I think Putin just wants to put his name in the history books before he dies.

jdance dumb it was a rocket attack miles away from the city

so what? there are 40 million people living there

this is a horrible moment

It is horrible. But how many more will die if the US comes in with cruise missiles and carpet bombs?