you guys ever think about how badly the japanese misread the situation. i mean disregarding industrial capacity and american vitriol spawned from pearl harbor wtf how do you conquer china. goddammit anime

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lmao we attack the chinese... they fight back.... wtf genetics

like even without western intervention it's literally impossible to conquer china as japan

fuckers out here with dao dao's charging our lines of out of supply bolt action rifles

at least the wehrmacht had a chance even until 1942. the japanese were just pissing up a rope into wind

yeah imperial japan was pretty autistic in general imo

have you heard about the nose cutting they did to koreans for “honour” ??

lowkey everything until hard committing into china made sense for an east asian empire

i bet i dont want to know. i'm friends with a 60 yo philipino whose parents lived japanese occupation

yeah shits mega fucked

thats intense


hehe the white men kill you but we kill you and impale your children on bayonets? the east asia greater co-prosperity sphere failed the moment the IJA pillaged and rape the countryside

sorry if that's out of line

according to my 1 post in kyle's thread that post is acceptable but the post itself is a WIP

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then you might understand while i feel no empathy for japan reaping a nuclear whirlwind or germany getting plowed to dust. not that the ussr was any better

i never really grasped the gravity of impaled things until i started watching anime

a remnant of the devil children left to be purged

luigi says 2 nukes weren't enough

invading china was strategically correct i think theyve been at it for a long time

they would have gotten away with it too if it wasnt for those meddling kids

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