Yellow Submarine

That thing about Titanic Submarine going down and people looking for it.

I already see memes on the internet and those people are quite not ded yet

Scary way to go, I hate planes for same reason

Very scary to imagine

Crazy stuff. Although I don't think there's any hope

Guess we'll find out in like 12 hours

Shitty af

yeah i think it's already a done deal tho, they've been searching for near the max amount of oxygen duration or whatever

max for five people, who knows what went on down there

if one or more of them died theoretically they could still have o2

also i think the latest official "last possible oxygen" for 5 ppl was just this evening like an hour or two ago (they changed it compared to initial estimates)

Def the oddest twist

Valve deep sea game when...


can these submarines even dock with each other? you can't just swim to the other you'll be pulverized by the pressure

they're fucking dead the only reason this story gets any publicity is the suspense of waiting to find out they're dead. 600 illegal immigrants drown in a capsize no one cares


I mean they had announcements to the announcements and marketed as part of what they did. No one drawing attention to the illegal immigrant boat

This Logitech controller shit is viral bait

True it's easier to laugh at idiots who risk their lives as a hobby than people fleeing for a better life


Yeah even if the boat could go down there I don't think they can move or interact with the sub in any meaningful way

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No that's probably very real. The military trains with xbox controllers because that's what a recruit would be most familiar with. Same reason why grenades are shaped liked balls

They probably have proper backups and other equipment that make it more of a tool to simplify the process and less of a critical device. This sub probably didnt

Obviously you can get better ergonomics and control but something tells me this operation wasn't running safety as a primary concern. Aren't they just welded into the sub as well? Lmao actual sinking casket

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