Yellow Submarine

I agree I mean what if the controller fucked up. Did they have safety procedures for that lol

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They def pretended like it was lol

it can't but it's astounding that they weren't already running recon with other vehicles imo. lack of correspondence within 2-3 hours should have caused rescue options to start being orchestrated, i'd think

anything less is assured death for the people, and anything more probably gets compensated for by the extremely wealthy people wanting to stay alive idk

i'm actually fairly shocked that there aren't more submersibles in some sort of comission state, idk

Yea you wouldn't catch me in a sub ain't no way

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How many of these does the company even have? Hauling around spares and having trained personnel on stand by would probably be really expensive

i realize when i say submersible i do quite mean something that can sustain post 12k ft and that's A LOT but somehow i just don't think this random bum fuck company is the only one that could manage this feat.

nah i mean like, operational in general, maybe employed under government or some such, maybe privately but a capable vessel

The submersible was a 1 of a kind and all they had. They texted every 15 minutes for base communication. It was a very taped together operation.

Idk how you could even rescue a downed sub's crew without a massive crane. Big subs have an emergency ballast blow that will rocket you up to the surface but I doubt some small thing has it. You'd need a pressurized connection to their hatch if they even have one

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Sometimes they can have emergency weights they descend with and can release if everything fails. Dunno if they had that tho

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The best they can do is try and retrieve the bodies intact for a burial if the sub didn't rupture to begin with

I would do one of those sick giant subs and probably then I wouldn't go deeper than I could emergency ascend from with scuba gear. Got a scuba cert so I could at least ascend safely with pressure stops and whatnot

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its just, they've done a lot of flying over
and.. the resource spenditure for that wasn't nil

i don't understand how they (whatever authorities) weren't able to pull something together faster than sunday missing - wednesday some naval recovery equipment arrived to the nearby coastline

its like
bruh ur just PLANNING to recover corpses at that point
guess that's just it though.

dont seem right idk

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Idk if my heart could handle being next to a massive sub underwater. I could probably do it I had to but I would be terrified

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I'm fine on the boat but next to a big boat in the water is a big nopers from me

Yeah that's a lil different

makes me think the ability to surface is very nuanced and basically probably just as broke-down as the entire operation

lmfao what about the big boat under water would terrify you?

I mean the rational part would be getting caught in the propeller's undertow but I'm pretty sure I have megalophobia only triggered when in the water

ok fair enough it makes sense especially in water, it's just that for me.. i think the presence of a man made ship would be comforting and without it i would be shitting my wetsuit just expecting that some massive sea creature would show up, irrationally

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