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Chapter 01 - Fundamentals and Structure of my Daily Life with Learning by Self Teaching

Figure 1-1: Sheet Representative of Time Spent Learning
It goes without saying that financial stability is an integral part of every person's life, in more ways than one. Physical health is directly impacted by access to a gym, access to nutrition, and maybe most importantly, access to information. What is information and how is it shared? On the internet. What is the internet? Well, it's a series of switches and routers in many forms that connect to each other to form what we call the Internet. Nowadays, we can send information in the blink of an eye over the Internet, and I believe it to be a human right. This is why I believe in IT Networking. I want to make the world a better place, but in order to make the world a better place, I must make my mind a better place. Now, enter my mind.

I firmly believe every human to be capable of learning whatever it is they want to learn for any reason. However, everyone faces problems. My problems are listed below (sorted by biggest problem to not biggest problem)

  1. Ability to focus for prolonged periods of times.
  2. Time in which to be able to spend learning.
  3. Not getting bored.

These (three) problems that I face, I realized I must fix, somehow, in order to succeed and make the world a better, more connected place. This is what I cam up with.

  1. MEDITATE. I can't stress how much meditation helps!!! When you feel like powering through the chapter to finish it as quickly as possible... MEDITATE, CONTROL YOUR MIND!!
  2. I'm a very busy guy. I work 20-25 hours per week and spend almost the same amount of time eating. That's 50 hours a week before you factor in girlfriend time. (Figure 1-1 is an application I use (downloaded via the INTERNET), to track how much time I spend studying. I aim for four days a week, but sometimes binge eating gets in the way.
  3. MAC what? IP what?? What is that I don't care..? Ugh, I just want to eat a cinnabon! <--- Don't think like this. If you need to, meditate, if you can't meditate, masturbate. Clear your head. Studying is important, boredom is implied. You will be bored, and that's fine.

WTF did I just read?

any recent core photos?

Are you on Adderall again


Good on you

You can do it

Matt hwaiting!

You're really odd

jdance you are on a very good path

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Thanks faz you have no idea how much this means to me coming from someone as old as you. I think it speaks magnitudes that my phone autocorrects faz to dad! :smile:

you know i can do all of those things and make around 500$~ a year so I wouldn't really bother learning them.

What should I learn

take the disjoint set of everything i "know" and you'd be probably alright.

I really have a passion for computers and binary

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I have intentionally been 7-10 minutes late to work every single day so that I look like a busy person