You dont wanna see they donation list

nice try but im on an SNRI idiot

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I don’t really do drugs or watch streamer girls so… One time I watched a girl streamer someone linked me, but I closed it out cause I got bored of the game they were playing.

thanks for that insight mr walking anecdote

What are you taking?

a little medication called ur mom


I dont understand this post at all is nyte saying her own actions as a gamer gurl were psychopathic?

Damn ya dont feel for my boy nyte.

I can picture it, having a girl you throw money at, spend mad time on viewing and modding, she sending you pics telling you she loves you.

Dude caught feelings he just didnt know she belonged to every donator and sub.

But he forgot the first rule

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Hahahahahahahahahahah certainly


rip boondocks

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I’ll never spend no type of money on a bitch

Bitch better spend some money on me it’s 2k18 this dick ain’t free anymore I VALUE myself


Meh better these thots on twitch getting money from dudes who dont value themselves then they are in the work place ruining dudes who is actually grinding to better society.

So im starting to figure that this succubus shit is real and these bitches is really out here stealing niggas souls.

Can you imagine waking up checking your email hoping shes live?
Working ur 8-5 to get money to donate to her?

these dudes who are big balling donating’s or just huge big fans whole lives run around her. If that aint losing a soul i dont know what is

She aint raising no kid or even letting you hit, HOW YOU GET YOUR SOUL STOLEN by a succubus if you aint even hit???

Damn these demons really up’d they game got u robbed of ur soul via the internet.

How do you blame the women for some guys being thirsty dumbasses?

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Watch this

Episode 5

It is about one of these guys who has been willingly sucked in by a camgirl, his life, her life, and the two coming together

You too ewiz

I think it will change or at the very least broaden your opinion