You dont wanna see they donation list

Holy fuck boys.

Who are these rich ones donating to these twitch THOTS.

Any one here donate to female streamers?
God damn son you see how they look but you dont wanna see they donation list, their beta army got money like you wouldnt believe. I’m scared to roast these bitches live because that 10 grand that dude donated easily can be used to order a hit.

I’mma keep my mouth shut. I’m not tryna die.


smart move

They playing with fire too, any one of them can get it elliot rodgers if they arent careful with these beta dude’s hearts.

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They DONT EVEN LEAK the private videos man what the fuck. How u get private snaps and videos but u dont even leak for us broke boys.

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They LOYAL, something you could never understand.

how you loyal to her when she out her with so many other viewers. Got you asking questions like:

Baby I’m the best donator?
Baby he dont watch as much as i do right?
Baby he dont ban people like me right?
Baby his emote wall aint as big as mine right?

SMH these donators loyal right but girl got u replaced at every step of the way


Makes u think


I’ve probably been nearly sucked in by one of these vixens

I will tell that story if you want

One thing I think a lot of people don’t realize is how much work goes into reeling these guys in and making them feel like they, specifically, are the one interest of the girl

I would not be surprised if every single one of those guys believed himself to be in (or nearly in) an exclusive romantic relationship with this girl, despite her also having a boyfriend

It’s way more psychopathic than any of the shit on this forum

Maybe @nyte can speak further to this

Tell your story, then Nyte shall do the same.

I’m certain that our stories are nothing alike.
Actually… unless you are psychopathic. I really shouldn’t short change you on that possibility.

My story? I don’t even dono and all the ladies know me. I don’t even know all of them! Don’t want to, Don’t need to!

I wasn’t replying to you … so much as alightsoul. How was that not obvious. Was that just some lame justification to try and throw out that you’re “known” among female streamers but you don’t know them?

Ok you caught me nobody knows me :frowning:

im pretty sure alot of people on this forum are on ssris

I’m sorry. I just wanted to look cool.