Your religious upbringing

I am curious about your upbringings since I am a bit older than most of you guys. I am no longer “religious” but I am still very interested in this stuff.

My home was very “religious” growing up. Went to a Baptist Church every Sunday. After the Sunday service I went to a Bible class. I sang in the church choir (I can still do a good Amazing Grace). The church was one of those Baptist churches that plays hip music to appeal to young people. Like “repent, avoid the hellfire!” guitar solo Occasionally when anything serious happened in the family my mom would ask everyone privately if they still had Jesus in their heart just in case. I wasn’t allowed to watch the Simpsons as a kid because it supposedly didn’t portray the type of family God wants. Just to give you an idea.

This all took a complete 180 around when I was 10. I don’t know what happened, but we stopped going to church and stopped pretty much all practices as a family. I have never asked my parents about that.

Maybe it is on my mind a lot lately since I am always thinking about becoming a dad soon

None. Zero. Not even once. And now I’m an incel and virgin.

I honestly think nonviolent religions that don’t take advantage of people are probably a healthy thing to experience.

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Was gonna write a reply to this thread but lost interest

My parents are athiests.

Sort of like what happened after your parents birthed you…

What about your grandparents?

Never been religious myself, ever since a kid i always thought religion was dumb
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But on a real note yeah, never been interested in religion cause i dont like following rules that arent meant to better my life in a society on a daily basis.
My family on the side of my dad went to church when i was a kid but my mom didnt care about that so my dad stopped going when i was like 2-3 i believe my mom said told me that and so did my grandparents on my dad side because of having to take care of a business but they are still kinda religious.
I got baptized and so did my brother but my mom told me when i got the holy water on me as a baby i started screaming like a devil so maybe god was meant for me since the beginning. tips fedora one more time

Went to a private Catholic school until 8th grade. I was kind of awkward going into public school, but I made it work. Everyone in my family is pretty religious and has worked with the church in varying degrees.

I was always skeptical, but held the “well it’s better to believe it then don’t” mentality until around the middle of college and lots of the green. I took a religion 101 course in college where I learned about how closely related the world religions are. I remember towards the end of the that semester the professor slipped it in that he was a Luthern. I always regret not asking him how he could pick a single religion with all this knowledge that he has.

I’m just an agnostic atheist or whatever now and my family still thinks I go to church. I think they are kind of suspicious, but I don’t want to break their hearts and tell them I don’t believe in that stuff. My dad is currently studying to be a deacon ffs. My family is very sweet, but i remember years ago when I told my sister that I missed church one Sunday and she started balling in the car because she thought I wouldn’t be in heaven with her because of that. Shit is kind of rough.

Is your sister super young or something

I have three sisters. Two are still very religious and the other stopped believing like me. For the most part no one in my family openly talks about it anymore.

Nonreligious, practicing Catholics.

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no but this was years ago.

I still think they would all have a pretty big reaction if I told them these things.

Damn that is pretty tough. No real reason to tell them you don’t believe

Tell them everything and periscope it

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