Alice in Borderland Mafia [Day 2]

Day 2 begins - Vanilla_Town, JCrispy, and SOPHIE have died. They were Gamers.

Day will last until 2023-01-08T18:05:00Z. The Jack of Hearts will choose the private chat pairings for N2.

@mafiabot startday 8867

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@mafiabot vc

@mafiabot startday 8139

@mafiabot vc

I don't know how to use the mafia bot but we'll just play without it.

Player List:

Majority = 3

Called it. JCrispy is low in agreeableness so he was doomed to die in that game. So were those three in a group? @Osiris and @KrazyKat were you in a group? It was me supa and bazingaboy.

It's odd to have 3 deaths if we had groups of 3 - unless there were 2 groups of 3 and 1 group of 2.

The plan today is to lynch Jack of Hearts. Should be simple enough.

@bazingaboy has been trying to kill me all game, so he's probably not JoH.

Oops. I didn't get that, and let the person with the heart collar die.

Who were you paired with?

Osiris and vanilla town.

So you and @Osiris conspired to kill an innocent gamer purely because of his suit -- noted.

As for the last group, let me guess, Jcrispy wouldn't reveal ■■■'s symbol so ■■■ did the same and they both died. I bet one was a heart too. Typical netflix game shenanigans.

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@Osiris you looked fairly scummy on D1, notably because you used the phrase 'run roughshod'. This is a fairly blatant scumtell. What do you have to say about this?

The suit thing was just me.
And Vanilla said that if he had to guess, he would choose hearts. Not sure why he didn't.

The big question here is how do we hunt scum?
Unless the host has more plot twists for us.

@mafiabot vote nolynch

What do you mean? The scum is obviously @Osiris

gonna run roughshod over that ass if you can't calm down