Amateur Programmer Thread

will be reading
over the coming weeks.

Starting a rewrite of my current project today. Amateur programming all night long!

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So you come here and link the first thing you see on Hackernews? That's what you do now?

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Bad week?

I was told I'm not allowed to post anything else in this thread :(

that jekyll theme tho gd

UI developer

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How's everyone's advent of code going?

godot is truely ass rn, but I hope its not ass later

blender used to be ass and its super duper good now so its possible. a good open source game engine would be so pog



Guy who runs that website's father was a State Department diplomat and while he was employed as a DARPA researcher at Yale he attempted to bomb the campus and they covered it up.


Wacko emoji -- ■■■■■■

A pipe bomb exploded in a law school classroom just before Commencement, damaging three rooms but causing no injuries. Authorities do not believe the bombing was an act of international terrorism.

Yarvin was investigated after his house was burglarized. Police searching Yarvin’s house noticed that he had piping and gunpowder. Yarvin, who said the gunpowder was used to reload his collection of guns, denied any involvement in the bombing and has not spoken to investigators recently.


Sorry I wasn't reading the Yale Daily News in 2003.

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I don't think at this point Yale was graduating people of LBJ's quality.

nmaGane -- oooh don't post Fake News on the internet.

meanwhile Yarvin (FED BOMBER) -- The Bull.

For me this is total nonsense

You don't have a right to "voice that sounds like my voice but is not my voice"

Stop crying

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