ARENA FPS thread

again really just wanted to get in touch with old friends here

jesus god almighty. well i certainly tried at least theres documentation. i tried! :) enjoy ur day! :) remmeber that in life its ok to be wrong sometimes kiddos! its truly ok! :slight_smile:

wew fuckin lads. ladimir wewtin seriously. some people lmao.

There are thousands just like you streaming - I think you need to let go of your ego and realize that just being high mmr isn't the road to success, but rather being a mature and respectable person. Someone who doesn't spam forum begging for viewers, someone who realizes that the game is designed by psychologists but still plays it for sport and profit and not because it's a "beautiful game".

im for real done replying now cuz this is such a waste of time and effort. maybe someone on this website that u already know and already knows me that u idolize more than u prolly should. maybe someone else will tell u how dumb u look in all of these engagements. ok fro real breakfast time! :slight_smile:

yes i Definitely Begged For Viewers lmao

You're in for a rude awakening...

go ahead and type whatever lame finisher u have ready here so u can get the last word and think u trivialized my words in some way. oh look it came up while typing this. nice one dude :slight_smile:

Yes, you licked boots and cleaned toilets in essence. Words don’t always mean what they mean in the dictionary.

honestly i do hope the original thread makes it to reddit or something cuz this has been an internet-wide legendary assbeating Xd

yes yes sure sure brick wall BUILD IT UP DONNY DO THE DAMN THING !~!~~!

Why can’t you stop mentioning Trump and Politics? I couldn’t care less about the american president. I am not American.
It seems like your personality is entirely defined by your dota mmr and political affiliation. Which explains why you’re looking for something more meaningful by starting a streaming career, but nonetheless it’s proving unsuccessful due to your sub optimal personality. A negative feedback loop.

its not an afps its a battle royale… lol


allow me to reiterate it took 2 minutes on my phone for those screenshots and i was giggling like a little girl the entire time because u people are mostly clowns. back to breakfast :slight_smile:

This is Disgusting Censorship! Help! ROFL

my dotabuff just for thread posterity

clearly i am truly garbage at dota and should never even consider having the audacity to stream Xd

ok bye bye for now :slight_smile: