ARENA FPS thread

I’m calling amnesty

also notice that whats his face here didnt even crawl outta the woodwork and post til he thought i was gone so he could get a word in without looking like a Moron Xd

Slowdive, sick name Brotherman its got a lot of Deep Meaning to it Im sure

no i just opened the website

Granted :slight_smile: now if our other friend here just apologizes we can all be regular normal functional human beings again! :slight_smile:

no, this was regarding my disgusting censorship

oo oo hes replying whats he got for us this time, honestly im not sure myself!

Show me where I tried to make this argument. Hint: I never did.

i’m going to be contacting my lawyer

Hint: you still look fucking stupid. Hint: just apologize you sad sack of a tiny little man. Hint; im a lot bigger than u and a lot better than u at dota. jsut seriously fuck off already

ya ill have my lawyers contact ur lawyers sir

Not really an argument. Try again.

you’re not bigger than me, i saw your picture, you’re ugly and have a face like a rat man.

Xd i am definitely goofy looking that is undeniable

and also bragging about how good you are at “dota” on this forum is not bragging, it’s pathetic and weird. nobody cares about how much you play a videogame you’re making no money off of.

but ah well gotta be Comfortable In Your Own skin, Right? :slight_smile:

Just stop, jesus christ.

im not even trying to brag im just showing why i think i should spend the time streaming in the first place. i dont care that much about dota that i let it identify me but when cumstains from the dark corners of the internet call me out u better god damn believe im gonna defend myself

ok im done! :slight_smile: more breakfast :slight_smile:

In denial once again.
Your only response to non-dota related criticism is your dota mmr, it's pretty obvious you have nothing else in terms of personality.