ARENA FPS thread

reply on the way :open_mouth: what will it be buddy :open_mouth:

ah there it is. okay donald will take it from here. enjoy ur day everybody! :slight_smile:

“non dota-related criticism” u literally tried to insult me for streaming (and even playing) dota in the first place u absolute anus of a human being LMAO

on a website originally created because of dota anyway Xd

i wanna eat more but ur too god damn fun my friend. maybe i am batman and U are joker??? makes sense to me??

aw man he disappeared again. maybe he’ll until the next time that he thinks im vulnerable :frowning:

I have a job and clients to tend to at the office - as I previously told you.

In response to this:
I didn't insult you for playing Dota, I criticized the game's design and tried to show you how you're being manipulated. Insulting someone who's being manipulated is not productive, I am only trying to help.
I didn't insult you for streaming, I insulted you for shameless advertising it here and using the "I'm an old user" excuse to defend yourself when called out. You lack self awareness, you lack social skill, and you lack self control.

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew lads

im not even trying to argue anymore man ur a lost cause

and ya this is prolly where u try to claim that i give up cuz ive been bested in this Epic Match of Wits or w.e - ur simply tiring/less funny at this point and i got other shit to do so uhhhhhhhhh enjoy ur day buddy :slight_smile:

It's not an argument - it's not a Battle. I am simply stating facts and you're spamming.
There's really nothing else to tell you; you're driven mad and rabid by psychological manipulation by Valve, Twitch, and social media in general.
You've spent too much time on the internet - an underdeveloped psyche.

After rrading this thread ive come to the conclhsion that Loki is the dark nyte

God bless u for trying to use the right threads for Doscussion and fighting the goy menace but make an apex thread ur shitting up an entirely different thread arguing with a pair of monkeys lmao

Yeah I’ll prolly make an apex thread sorry don’t mean to shit up so many threads. Just like I’ve said if some sniveling little bitch tries to call me out then I’m gonna fucking defend myself lol

Couple last great screenshots of my new best friend here to finish :slight_smile:

Ok I’m done now for real ty for trying to cultivate a reasonably good dota environment here on this site

i did a thing battle royale general

Diabotical stream is live.


Game is looking really good. I can’t wait.

wanna summarize for me i dont wanna watch

Beta in March (not sure if open or closed).
Both large and small maps.
Game modes include team, CTF, instagib, FFA.
Hook in CTF.
Ranked matchmaking.
Each map has one “ultimate” that when you get it you start playing a song that enemies can hear and it gets louder the closer they are.

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