Changing the word lynch

It should come as no surprise that lynch is a racially insensitive word.

I believe namafia should remove this bigoted term and replace it with something else

We should follow in the footsteps of the most popular (and therefore greatest) mafia website.

As a white male I would also like to take a moment and personally apologize to all black people for slavery and donald trump.

How about cancel?



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We already had this discussion in another thread - can someone go find it and link it so bazinga can share his lived experience

I think maybe it was this one: How to stop radianting danger aura?

Actually it's midway thru this one

Hi wingdingi,

I definitely read all your thoughts and I can tell we have some really intelligent folks on the case. I should have known this site was in good hands in regards to racial sensitivity. Thank you for posting and alleviating my concerns.

Best regards, Michael

Thanks Mike. I hope you will check out some of our discussions in some of the site's other great threads - such as:

Nadota Sexism
I have Transcended from Nazi to Simp

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i dont know where that thread is but i can say what roragok said in that thread since its on the mafiabot github page anyways

lynch is aliased to vote so you can just @mafiabot vote @player instead of lynching

i dont think we should remove the lynch keyword or itll mess with slow future gamers

Thanks Dan! It's good to know I don't have to use the word lynch and be seen as a racist. I do not ever wish to roleplay as a racist. In fact most of my roleplaying characters I make are black just to put myself in another person's shoes and really understand institutional racism through the imaginative vision.

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@kill kyle

@hang kyle

@unmod kyle

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@bang kyle

@backtolobby kyle

if the bot already recognizes 'vote' then dont see a reason we need to say 'lynch'

'lynch' adds more to the roleplay but it also has a nasty history in america

Literally no one cares about your opinion on this matter or any matters kyle

I care

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You are a no one