[GAME] Theatrical Performance, Grand Finale.

Quick Audience Poll

:one: Ian
:two: Roragok
:three: Wintermute (I’m retarted option)

@everyone just remember your vote doesn’t count unless it’s PMed to Nmagame.

Also remember your vote needs to be on Roragok.

Day ends tonight September 20, 2018 3:00 AM (America: New York)

That’s a losing move. I tried my best sorry team.

I feel like I’m about to win Big Brother

28 Minutes to submit your votes.

The curtains close and the audience awaits the curtain call.

Alright someone host a new one

The votes are in;
q0q15; Roragok
jones; Roragok
bazingaboy; Ian
jdance; Ian
iaafr; Ian
flopagis; Ian
DEEPTHROAT; Roragok (the rest of the audience burst in hysterics at the announcement of this vote.)
Dan Epok; Ian (Reads the PM’s)

And here ends the show; the grand finale. The performance was horrendous and miserable, the dialogue was boring and very cliched - but it came to an end with an audience greatly pleased.
In the end it wasn’t important at all whether they found the mafia or not, it was the show the performers put on and the entertainment they provided to the audiences throughout the days. A long standing ovation for everyone - forever; an endless applause for the greatest Play ever written.

Fun fact @rose told me who mafia was on day 4 which means @ian told her, which means they should both be banned from future games. It’s Ian and klaze.

Do with this information what you will.

I am the greatest mafia player of all time

There was no mafia

The director (me) comes on stage after the eternity of applause; to remind everyone that the game of mafia is about the journey not the destination, and putting on the best show one can for the benefit of oneself, the other players, and the ever present audiences - even if they were imaginary, as they’re the sole reason the game exists.

or she’s good at mafia lol

i killed the person im cheating with ok

There were mafia, but there were no Losers in this show; The players all win or lose together.

Not okay.

So why was I killed night 1 dudes?

Clear snipe on a top tier player to assure a mafia w

I would have voted roragook if I didn’t know. I don’t know who really wins here :sweat:

The “jones” name is very feared and well respected in the mafia community.

Reminder that I read the PMs, that is definitely how I figured out who it was.