Mafia Logic Games.

If anyone wants to play a logic based game instead of a reads game, then these are the ones.

Dethy. 4 cops with questionable sanity, and one mafia.

Medical Mafia. 7 doctors with questionable sanity, and two mafia.

Both of these games are really fun for people who try to “break the game.”

Dethy is fun because in is only 5 players and can be played in a few days.

I really like this idea, but I really don’t understand it. And I am an electrical engineer with a lot of experience with these things. If you could explain it better, it might work. Otherwise, I would assume that this is a troll post.

I posted screenshots explaining the circuitry behind it - It’s not a troll and the signups are still open.

Players use their abilities on 2 players/outputs - and they get results.

i dont want to play it because i dont trust a game that youre hosting that benny is signing lol. the setup sounds fine tho

Don’t play it then. Why would you feel the need to post that?
And no offense, but you need to work on improving your mafia skill anyways so you should stick to less advanced setups.

Yeah. Um I like logic games, and I played minecraft too. But I still don’t understand it. How do you expect to get enough players to play this game when no one understands the rules?

Not signing any game where the host once included a slave role and then rigged me to have it cuz I’m black

It wasn’t rigged

And my bed doesn’t have 3 pillows

Hint: it does

Well there’s no way for me to know that hahaha.

My gf’s bed has 6 pillows. Really annoying.

I can explain it more.
Player 1 uses xor on mafia and town; he gets 1.
Player 2 uses xor on mafia and {Result of Player 1}; gets 0.

Hm, I don’t think a player who has embarassed himself over the past whatever games on this site should be criticizing someones skill

i think you had good reads in like one game iirc

Wish I could Live Long Enough To Really Go The Distance…

You’re just lying now, I have had accurate reads in all my town games so far (in fact you admitted to not reading past day 1 after you die so everyone knows that you’re lying now).
If you want to talk about past games: you died (or got caught as mafia) day 1 in all of them - the only constant is you.

Still won one of them. How many did you win :slight_smile:

I don’t want to fill this thread with off topic content (which is obvious what you’re trying to do by starting this conversation) but you should really re-read your day 1 in that latest game.