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Simplify P(n, k)P(n - k, j) where n, k, and j are integers such that (k <= n) and (j <= n - k)

Answer: P(n, k + j)


was answering this then i realizde i dont owe you shit

My answer is correct though right

Any math geniuses want to tutor me

I avoided math as much as I could throughout college, but now at the end I am most involved in the more math-like field of my major. Funny how it happens.

Still aint trying to do some math math though fuck that shit

I didn't buy the solutions book help

it isnt on library genesis?


Can you speedrun math


this is nt ser iour so fuc kyo upi ece ofs hit


Factorials are a trip

I got the answer

It was the wrong answer

That's just life.

Still don't know the answer

Earlier today I got an achievement for getting a level 25 question correct on the first try that was nice