Mindhunter Setup (WIP - Experimental)

Let's face it, the 70s were a real boy's club. Psychoanalyze these closeted men to figure out who the Serial Killer, Copycat, and Suspect are before they complete their sadistic vision.

1x Lazy Sheriff
1x Co-ed
1x Student (Profiler Backup) <===== The 3 scum are given any town role below this point
1x Student (Psychologist Backup)
1x Tracker (Bill Tench)
1x Profiler (Holden Ford)
1x Psychologist (Wendy Carr)
1x Reporter
1x Jailer (1-shot)
1x Janitor
1x Serviceman

SK faction gets a random town role in addition to being a scum. Scum can't be co-eds.
SK won't reveal Serial Killer on death unless they made a kill this game, but Goon will flip red always.
Scum who does the kill reveals his kink and mental disorder (i.e. B2) on the day start message.

Each player gets a unique combination of kink and mental disorder. It is hidden from you.
There are three types of kinks, abbreviated A B C
There are three types of mental disorders, abbreviated 1 2 3

Kink Classifications:

A | B | C |

A for Ass | B for Bondage | C for Cuckoldry

Mental Disorder Classifications:

1 | 2 | 3 |

1 for Distress | 2 for Dyscontrol | 3 for Deviation

Mostly did this as a fun concept. Each town role has a way to do an inaccurate role check in addition to helping town.

Role Descriptions

Lazy Sherrif - Deputize (1-shot): Visit someone and give them a 1-shot gun.

Co-ed - You attend W&J College. Don't let the Serial Killers find out who you are!

Law Student - You attend W&J College. Backup: You become a Profiler Intern when the primary role dies and gain their night action.

Psych Student - You attend W&J College. Backup: You become a Psychologist Intern when the primary role dies and gain their night action.

Tracker (Bill Tench the Special Agent - Behaviorial Science Unit) - Visit a target at night to learn of whom they visited.

Profiler (Holden Ford the Special Agent - Behaviorial Science Unit) - Visit a target at night and psychoanalyze them for kinks. Fails if used on sheriff or co-ed, otherwise notifies the profiler and target of whether they are an A B C.

Psychologist (Wendy Carr the Closeted Psychologist) - Visit a target at night and psychoanalyze them for mental disorders. Fails if used on sheriff or co-ed, otherwise notifies the psychologist and target of whether they are a 1 2 3.

Reporter (Pennsylvanian Reporter) - You must visit a target at night and receive their notifications for that night (doesn't include names of targets or night kills). Target is notified that they were interviewed by a reporter.

Jailer (Warden) - 1-shot - Visit a target to roleblock and prevent night actions on them. Fails if used on sheriff.

Janitor (College Janitor) - Visit a target at night and learn if they attend W&J College, the college you clean. Also has 1-shot to hide or reveal incriminating info about a target if they die in the night or the next day.

Serviceman (ADT Electronic Security Serviceman) - 1-shot, Visit a target and give them a single-use alarm system if they own a house. Will notify as failed if you visit a dorm. Target is notified. Security Alarm (1-shot): Activate at night for 1-shot bulletproof for one night only.

--- Scum gets one of these role pms in addition to a town role pm

Serial Killer (Or Copycat Killer) - You know the identity of your partners and have day & night chat. Both of you are innocent towns initially. One of you may visit a target at night to kill them, and if they die it will reveal the killer's psychological traits and brand him Serial Killer on death. You may combine the kill with your town night action. You also have a shared 1-shot kill on a co-ed which will also reveal the killer's psych traits and brand them Serial Killer on death. (Up to 2 kills in one night). You win when you control half of the town.

Goon (Murder Suspect): You are aligned with the Serial Killers and share chat with them. You always reveal Goon when you die. You can do a factional kill but not a co-ed kill. You have the same win conditions.

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I'll probably end up trimming this down quite a bit, but I always start big and then work my way down from there.

Made quite a few modifications. Feedback welcome.

I'll read it at work tomorrow!

Thanks rora

Looks complicated. I like it I think.

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Thanks! I'm still simplifying a few things to make it easier to understand.

The goal was to make game that is half logic and half reads.

@mafiabot sign

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I've been told I'm the basis of gameplay.

I hope that I get a good Kink Classification and Mental Disorder Classification.

And BTW every psych teacher and intern I met in college was almost as messed up as their patients.
It's like they got into psychology to figure out what was wrong with themselves.

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i would sign but i dont know how to spell it

My hope for this game is that it proves that everyone is indeed crazy

I’ve met more people who had mega issues that got into it because of their issues not because they wanted to be or were self aware

You really are

ID sign this too if Matty @mbot hosted it

do the kinks or disorders have any game impact or just flavor

When an SK makes a kill it will reveal both his traits (i.e. B2) so you can piece together who they are through the psych evaluations.

SK does a night kill. Day start message says "So-and-so died and forensics discovered that the killer was a B2."

I'm not seeing how that is helpful. I'll try reading again. You have like two kinds of cops one for kink and disorder. But are they indicative of role/alignment?