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Learn from experience

He was being incredibly mean and hateful.

i left twice. first was in solidarity with frosty (even though he's really dumb and wrong) second was mostly because hiromi do be kind of insufferable some times

I apologize for nothing ban can remove me as mod if he thinks it’s best but I’m not the dumbass giving lounge access to idiots

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New drama just dropped


that's super cringe

oh yea jdance and dossou claimed foreign volunteers are all wasting their time and only doing it for vain self masturbatory reasons

Not sure what he means by this

i'd find the gif he spammed me but i don't know the words to summon it

Feel like β– β– β–  just learned the word cringe

you are just super cringe idk

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what's cringe is you and some ex professional wow player saying volunteers don't know what they're doing as you deliver pizzas and go on rants about random twitter users

Hes still grumpy :angry:

damn right

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I cant speak for dossou but i apologize for anything dumb i may have said. I hardly remember the conversation and did not mean to offend you with my (uninformed) opinions. I did not mean to assert that i know best about these sorts of matters. Rather, what you heard were my first thoughts on a subject i am uninformed and ignorant about. I dont know to what extent i argued or defended my points, but seeing as i know you have close experience with this subject and i have defered to your knowledge regarding war relared subjects previously, i personally feel as if you could have raised your thoughts and i would have listened to you. I understand if this is a sensitive subject for you and again want to make clear that i did not set out to offend you or say that i know best. I am sorry for my ignorance or anything that i said regarding voltlunteer fighters in ukraine. You are welcome back into the discord if you would like to rejoin.

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Do you want the teamspeak IP too?



i was gonna type a big response to jdance but dota will do for now

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