Moderator Action Logs

@jdance you weren't entirely wrong people do things for wrong/bad reasons all the time. the smart ones probably figured out whether they should be there fast after they were attacked by artillery and tanks

No sorry it's too late.


Yeah i mean im not joking when i say i really dont remember the conversation. You obviously have much stronger feelings on the subject than i do. I didnt realize it was making you upset, so i apologize for that

it was more the twitter arc with that as the finale that made my mind up

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@jdance for hiromi

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why was i banned for 4 months????????

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nazi moderators

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No bans on record for theodore

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world of warcraft

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Now this is Based and staff material (if true)

now they lie about their behavior. typical.

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You better be watching nac4 theodore

@theodore Welcome back.
Want to play a mafia game?
We need players.


im likely to disappear again

We miss you.

mit is so coolz