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This is how you lower your IQ.

its still cool...

Poor kids in that hall probably lost at least 5 points in just that one day.

this is now a math competition thread

the white kid definitely has autism -

@jones is this you?

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@jdance Can you post in the thread that matters instead of the latest thread?

i find it very hard to believe that anyone on this website misses shit posting

Thats mod abuse



welcome back jcrispy

What did he mean by this?

Public Apology from the NAMafia Moderation Team

--- At 2:11 AM on Monday, June 5th, a member of the moderation team (we will not say who) improperly abused his moderator powers to rename his forum display name to something inappropriate. This name has since been corrected to something more appropriate and the moderator warned about his behavior.
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What does this mean? Is this English?

Manic posting from ass