Moderator Action Logs

It's capital letters


He banned him?

The guy is just having fun talking to Osiris about Warhammer. What's with you and your weird commitment to griefing your own website @SOPHIE

i forget why brendan said he was using that account but lets be real, if toprak is allowed to drool and smear his shit brain on this forum brendan should be perfectly fine

And what's the issue with account sharing anyway. Are we suddenly banning people for sharing accounts? Because LBJ said something about "multi boxers" in the mafia signup?

it would appear that your reasoning skills have been declining. is this part of your "new" persona?


So you two are mega toxic for the site and I hate seeing your replies everywhere

Everybody else gets along really well and generally has a good time (with minor corrections where needed) but you're just roaming thread to thread starting fights with people and you feed off each other's negative energy

this is like
comedy gold

i hope this is part of your act, but that's just my natural optimism towards other people.
we both know it isn't.

Nyte why don't you go back up two posts and instead of throwing passing shit (old nadota/incoherent cryptic communication style) explain in words why brendan should be banned


Stop flirting w me in the mod action log thread

Yeah congrats, shoutout to tag-team toxic, you guys did such a good job with the site the first time around really glad to have you back in the Moderator Action Logs thread

Lwyrup has an account doesn't he

I don't see the problem

So? He's not allowed to use a different one?

i'm pretty sure i clearly pointed out the issue is your ability to critically assess recent (and not so recent) events. your underwear getting into a knot over it isn't anything more than that. you really can't think of any reasons shared accounts in mafia games are less than ideal or likely game ruining? how do you not recall all the previous debates and allowances on the matter, since you see yourself as the great god gamer of (na)mafia(.com)

they have two(?) accounts

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You just typed a bunch of words and didn't say a single thing lmao