NAMafia Banger House Party - Day 2

if im dead and someone is reading day 1 in the future and ewiz/sdad flipped scum please do not clear the other one.

i absolve myself from guilt in this scenario

this post is kinda misogynistic tbqh

impossible someone would be counterclaiming one of them rn

yeah we still need the bomb to claim


I assume you can't disarm the bomb and use the janitor ability at the same time?

i feel like real mimic would maybe not counter claim? since its not optimal to out as mimic right now. And the drunk just so happens to also be the other role that sdad said in the opening to not claim immediately.

idk man theres just a lot of coincidences in the roles/claims/attitudes of the current situation

im gonna go to bed for now, looking forward to reading posters which aren't sdad or ewiz

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Wait come back

Are they both scum or neither or only one?

Also I’ve gone from clearing bazinga as the vt that he claimed to being up to 83% scum read

Bazinga plays clueless vt kinda well but I see through the facade

We both claimed PR's so both of us being scum is impossible. The only reason I'm able to restrain myself from not lynching him out of how incredibly anti-town he's playing is that the potential payoff (2 cleared PR's) is too high

So I wait for someone to cc one of you then? Ok

Oh but janitor huh
I’m gonna assume neither of u are lying it’s just easier

Did we get a drunk claim yet I just remember dick guy is tracker

ewiz claimed drunk, only unclaimed town role is bomberman64

Oh right drunk is roleblocker okok

So we vote in the remaining pool, bomb doesn’t claim unless they’re gonna be lynched so that scum can fall on the bomb right?

or bomb claims here and gives us the best chance and nailing baddies rn

then we effectively have an innocent child which i think is the play