New Tide build!


I just walk around like mr big dick


falcon blade seems very nice on sf now, perfect amount of gold, and makee you just strong enough to your own till you get a bkb

bro plasma builds pipe and greaves what a team player. despite having severe learning disabilities he still does his part


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don’t threaten me with a good time Jakub

i gave you a compliment brother

back handed one

we've already discussed your β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β–  brain at length i was just restating it. probably uncalled for you're right but not untrue


SF in general is a top 3 (if not top 1) safelaner right now. Falcon blade or Basi are required unless you go for MoM and don't max raze first.

last time i remember safe lane sf they were rushing mek, drums, and other support items to backup 5man teams. not that i mind odd ways to use heroes but seeing the king of damage output reduced to an item bot because he could farm fast (ala old carry doom) was kind of lame


carry doom was the shit even if it is trash after they ported more heroes from dota1

I remember that and remember playing it a lot - it was super funny.

yea it was dummy strong if you had good teamfighters and towerkillers around him. you stack the jungle and sf gets silly times on his mek and drums then just roll up on towers. if you lost 1-2 teamfights it was usually over though because sf has(d) a pretty hard cap on his damage and he doesn't just create gpm out of nowhere like doom or alch he needs stacks

mek sf was such a banger build, so fun to play

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You think tidehunter should build carry items? Link me your tide dotabuff games :neutral_face:


you should be aware mjollnir tide was conceived and championed by a [normal] skill bracket player

Sir the ranking system goes from herald to immortal

people attack tidehunter that's what you need to understand