New Tide build!

Oh it was all something's

Screw you you knew this

am i missing something in 7 years abscense of dota 2 exp that warrants a quelling blade?

Works with tidehunter e and is a lot cheaper now

The anchor smash includes an attack on everything it hits or something. So quelling blade boosts anchor smash, any orb will be applied on anchor smash, and that's also why they are building attack damage&modifiers on tide above

aren't you able to last hit freely with anchor smash ie wouldn't this be better spent as helping supports ward or consumables/saving for boots

forgive me if this is the infamous safe line tidehunter (i've played with it and works if your team attacks heroes and enemy structures)

No the quelling is actually really strong you farm creep camps with it and stuff

In this patch offlane is strong and you play 2.1.2 so you're basically farming in the lane

oh word there are more neutral camps and accelerating clearing them can mean a lot more gpm

To be honest there's no difference between safelane and offlane right now, main difference is if you play offlane you get to kill a bunch of guys a bunch of times because they picked "safe lane heroes" that don't do anything the first 15 minutes of the game. Meanwhile if you play safe lane you get run at by some dumb shit like an ogre with 5.0 health regen or a bat maxing sticky napalm

more of a they picked heroes who don't do anything in the first 15 minutes of dota than a safelane/offlane discussion tbh. offlanes are still easier to gank im sure

I'm also playing in absolute dogshit tier so it's possible I just don't know how the game works and can only describe what I see from the players around me. But I see a lot of brawler lanes

yea i mean i went 15/1/15 as bounty hunter against a pl/kotl/tree(tree was stacking) lane before and i was in top 100 us east mmr when leaderboards came out. lots of things are nebulous but offlane is still more susceptible to rotations at least if not ganks as well

pro tip: pick heroes that stun enemies

granted this was back when you had to buy a courier and wards were more expensive. goddamn entitled supports nowadays

SF with "arcane Blink" rush

Never seen such dumb shit in my life but at least now i know what "cast point reduction" means

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Welcome to the future.

Dota is ruined.

Stun locked by "fear" (a made up thing) in a screen-wide aoe for 7 seconds

fear was a renowned nadota player check yourself