Poop thread version 2.0

You are shitting and puking after your lifts now? Or are you sick or something

Seems like ur diet is shit are you getting all the right vitamins and minerals

Theres a flu going through my job i probably have it. I feel shit and woozy and have a headache

have you had a covid test?

the range of different symptoms you can get is basically endless

Its 2023.


if you had COVID wouldn't you want to know? i'm not suggesting you put your life on hold until you get the results

just because it's not in the news cycle 24/7 doesn't mean it magically disappeared, lol

That sucks

Nobody cares about covid

Not true but hope you feel better

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I just dropped another apocalyptic shit. My asshole was like a pressure washer of shit. Once again probably a weeks worth of food at once. I shit so hard that i got friendly fire on my ass cheeks.

The mild stomach discomfort that ive had for like 4 days is gone finally

God bless america


Do you drink coffee? A morning coffee has me regular right around noon every day

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Yeah lol im not sure whats wrong with me

Are you on meds? I know everyone has their own system but with as much as you eat you prob shouldn’t be pooping once every 4 days

What’s your fiber intake like

whats fiber


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i was coffee free for a while with real inconsistent poops. triggers my GERD to be back on it but the poops are back in rhythm and it helps keep my productivity consistent so it is what it is ig uess

my poop game is back in order, solid week of good results

I don't think jdance eats vegetables