Popcorn Mafia v2

Who is the scum that is most likely to choose Faz as the gunbearer?

My guess is someone who fears him because Faz fingered him as scum in previous games.

Assuming it's a man who faz fingered.


Faz doesn't tend to finger me for the record.

@mafiabot Lynch krazykat

I think it's a solid play regardless. I don't think angleshooting there will get much

It's very different in the last game when there are night kills and the person shooting is unknown and, if they reveal who they're shooting, the other scum can shoot them and prevent town from knowing whether the person vigi shot was scum or not

I actually read kkat as town, tbh. The past few games as town he posts inane, dumb shit like this. It's either vacuous or nonsensical

@KrazyKat would you describe yourself as vacuous? Or as nonsensical

When I said "Did you read the last game?" I meant the last popcorn game.
Sorry for the confusion.

No, I didn't.

i liked when iaafr dropped "garbaceous" in conversation, that was a good one

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Pot calling the kettle black?

Admission of guilt nonetheless.

@electrowizard We are both pushing the same idea.
If you get the gun, post your reads before you shoot.

Right now I'd shoot luckyartist

Yeah, he is on my list of people that fears Faz.

Dammit I shouldn’t have signed

Are you going to shoot Epok like you did every game where you got a gun?

i aint posting no reads, you fuckers are on your own

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im prolly just shooting bazinga and calling it a day

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