Roragok's Mafia #25

You going to cry in this thread too?

*he said jdance

After hundreds of nadota forum mafia games I don’t need more than 5 posts to read some people sometimes. We’ve been over this in many different threads but I wouldn’t expect you to read any of it.

You’re not funny.

You prided yourself in having the ability to townclear players off their first posts earlier, which is why I’m asking.

How many games have you played with jdance? He’s like the newest member to the forum. Tho to be fair he out-posts almost everyone.

Pretty thin to confirm someone essentially on one post saying “lynch deepthroat”

Are you trying to make a little joke too? It’s not the most clever attempt considering you clearly are strawmanning.

He asked you a question dude

He had two other posts. Him being a new player is very obviously part of the read.

It’s a flawed and loaded question. A poor attempt at making an argument by him.

I don’t want to discuss jdance in third person as it is likely socially uncomforting for him - It would be wiser for everyone to take my word for it, because I have never been wrong on something like this before.

That all being said, dan is putting quite a bit of effort into this game. He usually puts out a lot, I think, but he seems to be more structured about it (for him).

I want to say it seems towny because he appears more clean in his approach, more uniform, but it reminds me of klaze and klaze is definitely high on my list for capable “clean” mafia play. I don’t believe dan is that capable I’m just trying to draw parallels.

Town here. With only two scum, this game shouldn’t be that hard.
But I agree with nyte. People who say anything is 100% are suspect to me.

Also this is a really scummy post to me… baiting or trying to throw shade on me… because I clearly never said I thought you were town, and it wasn’t even you(regardless, it was jdance who nma stated) that I thought was suspicious, it’s Nma who appears suspicious for making some instant read like that. He claims to be just that good, though.

How the hell are you reading Dan as putting in effort or being clean? He just keeps making broad generalizations (takes no effort) that don’t even apply (not clean).

He’s trying to seem like he’s doing work and scumhunting while applying no pressure whatsoever. How is that town you?

It’s not a strawman or a joke. I asked you how you kept townclearing Benny off the bat, you told me you were usually able to townclear any player off their first posts, I’m hoping you can keep your word and give us your reads, as the average player aren’t able to give definitive reads so early in the game.

Dan normally posts short, emotionally charged claims

Or long-winded, run-on sentences, I suppose.


I am you bitch