I told them that months before they broke up with me

That’s golden

if you're not told it's harassment and abuse, ... it's not harassment and abuse.

the words fundamentally need the other party to consent to speech/actions being that.

I've said the same things to nmaGane -- is it harassment and abuse toward nmaGane?

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now I'm not going to say it's nice, it teeters around "not nice" for me when I say these things, but not "absolutely reprehensible".

Honestly, work

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did I abuse nyte before? 100%, the things I told her bothered her a lot and made her feel bad.
do I abuse nyte now, when what's been said to me is that the evil things I say don't concern her at all anymore? probably not.

What are you even posting dude

probably trying to argue something put forth in bad faith.

I think you need to examine why you feel you need to be told it's not ok to abuse someone for breaking up with you

I don't; the argument here is what is contended as "abuse".

Real disconnect going on here

Jones insists he did nothing wrong and wings argument starts with the assumption he did

Ruh roh raggy

on what range of "nyte apologize to me" to "I'm going to put your facebook photos through a deep fried filter" to "kill yourself" to "the only thing that will bring me peace is your body in a ditch."; which is the most reprehensible and which is acceptable.

that's not my argument at all you fucking moron

I’ve read like 5 posts here total (maybe 10, lost count) but I assure you that based on just those that you’re in no position to be calling me a fucking moron.

Jones argument is that he did do something wrong but it's not wrong because he's not being told it's wrong specifically by nyte

We also watched him do it on the site for months so it's not exactly a secret

my argument is that a valuable assessment of harassment requires the harassee to weigh-in, and note, this isn't to say that my "interactions" with her are good or bad.

I'm saying to assess that, you should ask her.

you've confounded my examples as being judgements and explanations? over alleged and unfounded current behavior

If you admit you’re a fucking moron I’ll make a post taking your side. By the looks of things here you could use the support

nah I just have to present myself as the victim and kittens will chat me up about how she understands me

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