that's the secret guys, if you're going to be mean to someone, you should do it as a complete caricature with no redeeming qualities so people outright see you as an asshole

and look at jones! the screaming, psychotic autist, who seeks no other thing than being mean to people for 6 fucking years

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Is it bad that i see you as more of a wounded animal. a rabid one

what we personally think doesn't matter one bit. attempting to make us look dumb or trying to get us to change our mind is a pure waste of time. it might feel like you have "won" or "accomplished" it and feel good for a minute but it won't do shit towards your overall well being.

no, no faz that isn't the point.

it's that morons like the greatwindingi dehumanize people with the backups of morals, or principles, and frame it as a view of helping others.

which is incredibly dangerous

he was triggering me for a long time, but now I just ignore him. he is passive aggressively attempting to put everyone down and try to look superior.

yns is less serious than him but still an asshole

yns you can easily see is a psychopathic loser.

thegreatwindingi is a dangerous moron

like look at this shit

fucking retard

jones I can tell you are a very intelligent individual with enormous potential. I just wish you will figure out how to tap into that sooner rather than later.

i literally had users of this website turn into a mob against me resulting in someone fucking with my dad for the baseless speculation and lies, the shit they wanted to believe for years ago

outright denying the basis of logs, proof, what have you because they thought the caricature was the nly thing that existed

Good work guys

I leave for like an hour and you have jones posting i'm dangerous and an asshole for saying you shouldn't abuse people and you shouldn't need to be told your abuse and harassment is abuse and harassment by the person you're doing it to in order to know it's wrong

you verbatim told people to speculate about the awful things I say to nyte in private

and then when presented proof of the opposite, you disregarded it

you are good at telling what people shouldn't do

you are bad at making your message an effective way of changing person's behavior in the future.

you construed my arguments as to only being used to fool people to gain sympathy