The Anon Ball -- Day 1


"Don't mind If I do!" a guest donning a GrandGranT mask exclaims as he helps himself to the drink in front of the open bar. Around him are the rest of the attendees.

Welcome to the Anon Ball. The most influential (and controversial?) staff of Nam City are gathered here tonight, amongst many. It's being hosted by the city party planning community, headed by one Alight Soul with a purposefully ironic theme: famous organized criminals.

Guests aim to have fun, but staff have failed to consider that other perpetrators of crime are afoot -- a whole terrorist squad of them.

Info on the goyroup responsible

Relatively unknown and unrecognized, but after tonights transgressions they'll be infamous. They're anarchists and deviants, but not truly malevolent. They only aim to kill their targets -- those responsible for the corruption of the city -- and no other guests.

The party is abuzz. Suddenly, the lights flicker before turning off for what feels like an eternity. Hysteria erupts, and amongst it a thump is heard. Moments after the sound, the lights come alive again, and guests find one attendee -- AnonGrandGranT -- has been killed. A moment of silence follows the gasps and is broken by the sound of the exits locking, preventing escape.

The high intellect and keen awareness of the staff team kicks in shortly after. Without a word exchanged, the faculty mindmelds and finally agrees upon one thing -- that they must blend in and return the party favor, lest they be targeted next blackout and ultimtely succumb to the goyvaders.


Player Action: Name Kill

This is the ONLY action that Distinguished Guests and scum can do.

You must have found a Namegun. Only kills on a correct guess.
Nameguns only have one bullet in them, so make it count!
(Please @-me if you fire your gun during the day.)

AT the beginning of every night :

Scum find one namegun and learn the name of ONE (ALIVE) distinguished guest.

3 distinguished guests find a Namegun.

NOTE: Distinguished Guests can only find one namegun throughout the game.

town pm

Unfortunately, you're part of the administration team and a Distinguished Guest. To namekill, you must find a namegun. See OP for more info.

Roles flip, but player names do not. Scum Do have daychat. Regular vote rules apply.
Roles will be sent out tonight. Game will open tomorrow at the time indicated by the unlock timer.

@mafiabot startday 7722

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

AnonTonyMontana, AnonJEdgar, AnonJohnGotti, AnonBillyThaKidd, AnonTommyLee, AnonTheJoker, AnonLuckyLuciano, AnonPiccolo, AnonMaroni, AnonFatTony, AnonDonnieBrasco, AnonEtonJames,

Alive Players - 12

Majority Vote - 7


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Good morning. I have a name gun.

Did not read the setup. Disregard this.


Anyone guess who I am yet?


the setup doesnt mention voting at all , are there name guns only

that would be pretty stupid

"Regular vote rules apply."

Fake spaces before commas. Nice touch Alightsoul.

nice fake identity accusation to make mafia waste their shots, top town for you sir


@mafiabot lynch AnonFatTony

What exactly, praytell, is cringe Tommylee. May I call you TommyGun? I have the inclination that you are an angry terrorist about mafia finding each other early.

(In my previous post I erroneously called my teammate town, when we are mafia. I apologize for this error)

there is only one "reason" as town for you to say that is that you are actually asoul. Otherwise why care that someone called you that? if someone called me as asoul I would be totally cool with that.

so based on probability I think you are scum

All things have been considered TommyGun, you can trust me on that