The Anon Mafia Ball -- Day 2.

Morning rises and the lights resume.

Weirdly, everyone is still alive.

"day 1 op

@mafiabot startday 7722

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

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AnonTonyMontana, AnonJEdgar, AnonJohnGotti, AnonBillyThaKidd, AnonTommyLee, AnonTheJoker, AnonLuckyLuciano, AnonPiccolo, AnonMaroni, AnonFatTony, AnonDonnieBrasco, AnonEtonJames,

Alive Players - 12

Majority Vote - 7


Pretend Donnie isnt there, ty.

Mafia skipped night kill, which must mean that they did not want the random player revealed to them killed, nor did they want Insom or FaZ dead.

I saved John from night kill

Well done.

where do you get this reasoning from?

It's fairly obvious. Mafia can only kill a player if their name is known.


@mafiabot vote anontonymontana

I think it'd be funnier if they missed their shot.

Anyway, I'm currently scumreading everyone in the game so would someone kindly give me their name so I can shoot them.

Reveal your role and win condition

@mafiabot vote @AnonDonnieBrasco

He ain’t post much yesterday. Thinkin we should take him out back and let im ave hwhat for


you know

they tried to kill me except IM NOT FUCKING INSOM

YOU ■■■■■■

Donnie is already sleeping with the fishes.

lol mafia totally trying to kill a useless player who was about to get lynched

oh is that why?

nice slip and mafiatell