The ReRun Day #2

Day 2 Start

The town awakens to find the corpse of Nyte a Vanilla Townie

Day will last until 2020-05-11T02:00:00Z

Majority Lynch is 5

Alive Players


@mafiabot startday 5206

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

KrazyKat, kyle, ian, Matticus, bazingaboy, slowdive, SCSF, theGreatWingdingi, LuckyArtist,

Alive Players - 9

Majority Vote - 5


ok this is huh wow

Krazy Kyle Ian Slowdive SCSF - 2 of 3 or 3 of 3

Krazy is scum, there was no reason not to say which power role he is unless he was the doctor (he is guaranteed RB'd as cop or tracker, but they dont know if he's doctor they aren't sure if they can kill him or not)

Gamut flipped doctor so we know Krazy wasn't the doctor.

As you may know, my sleeping schedule has been affected negatively by quarantine; obviously this is horrible. I shall be quite inactive at the beginning of this day. I'm not sure how I'm emotionally affected by last night's events, other than distressed. I did not wish to slay Gamut, who seems to have been our doctor; front-line responders (in these trying times) such as doctors should be clapped for, not lynched like some goon. This disgusting action will be met with harsh repercussions for whichever horrid harmful and ham-fisted hooligan that committed this crime.

His "reads post" was also scum shit and his EOD push was in his "town" reads (ended up being doctor)

And btw gamut dying as doctor is on gamut

I hope my sleeping while these horrific acts were committed has no bearing on your current view of me; unfortunately, the Call of the Nyte has frequently been visiting my eyes and minds during times when most normal Beings would be awake and bustling about their normal activities.

Slowdive is scum

Can you explain to me why you think I'm scum

Or am I pretending to sleep while the game is going on

I was able to tell by reading your posts

This isn't as detailed as I'd like it to be. I'd find it fair if you hammered me and at least gave me a good reason.

Not to gloat too much but I think I played really well on D1.

My reads are basically the same at this point, as you might've guessed from D1.

Y’all killed my wyte Nyte. Filthy animals. Who am I supposed to simp for now?

Switching from a genius train on kkat who didn’t claim shit to gamut the wonderful guitarist is bad bad bad

Sorry I wasn’t here for eod but was deep in ff14 grinding like a degenerate

My level 1 thought: has wingdingi been doing the classic strat of post “reads” that consist of 1 scum and rest town?

My level 2 thought: might have to sheep video game avi haver Matticus

@KrazyKat why shouldn’t we kill you today mr scum? offer up your partners and I’ll cut ya a deal
@Matticus place a Lynch vote daddy uwu

I need to think about this before I post. Not sure why I am still alive.

I'm fairly sure wingding is town this game from what I saw early on in D1 if you want to read it. I thought it was worth the price to switch trains off kkat for more information. Going to think on the game a bit more now.

votes to lynch gamut

is slowdive legit retarded?