The ReRun Day #3

Day 3 Start

The town arises to find the corpse of @Matticus the Town Cop

Extending day cause i fucked up and cause of LYLO

Day will last until 2020-05-13T12:00:00Z

Majority Lynch is 4

Alive Players


@mafiabot startday 5206

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

KrazyKat, kyle, bazingaboy, slowdive, SCSF, theGreatWingdingi, LuckyArtist,

Alive Players - 7

Majority Vote - 4


Nobody place any votes. Majority is 4 and they have 3. This is lynch/lose. A single vote would allow them to rush a hammer.

I believe Slowdive and SCSF are mafia.

Slowdive, once again, saw the thread and didnt post

Just like after the cop claim and all through lylo yesterday.

Classic rule - if you're not playing during the day you're playing during the night.

I'm actually VT but I've played this game poorly. I will lynch whoever the cop cleared player wants to

I choose you.

lmao what he FUCK do you mean by see the thread dude? I leave this tab open all the time, this is literally the first time i've been here

Wingi you’re my new sugar daddy
Carry us to victory papi

I will sheep asoul even on myself

If you sheep on yourself and you are town we lose the game today

Then let's win, I'm a shitty town player but still town player

My investigation failed again.

So we have 2 confirmed town and 5 others, 3 that are scum.
We can figure this out.

Of the 3 above players, max 2 can be town

Current town - 7 players
2 setup cleared
3 scum
2 town uncleared

If you are town your job is to clear yourself today so we don't lose by lynching you. If you're one of those 2 uncleared town and you entered the thread and posted "I'm sheeping" (aka not making an effort to find the scum or townclear yourself), you are failing to help us town clear you.

And as mentioned at least one who did this (probably two) is just lazy scum. We can't let them get away with this

I recommend if you are scum that you take a principled stand and out your lazy teammates. This is for the good of the website - think about how you want future generations of scum players to play the game. @bazingaboy I am looking at you here

Bazingaboy/kyle pushing on scsf at end of day was weird - they did not really have a reason to do that and he basically doesn't interact with it at all

Looks a lot like SCSF scum teammates pushing him, he shrugs off the pressure/doesn't know how to comment, shows up in the thread today and has nothing to say

Pretty shit if that means it's scsf/kyle/bazinga and the most active non-cleared town players were not town

BUT I think we just lynch SCSF today and if he was town we can just blame him for it post game

Not really sure what you want me to look for dude. It all reads like drivel to me. I read day 2 almost 3 times.

It's actually so boring to try and "read" players

We are looking for the 3 people in the game who are not really town

My best guess is SCSF but I could be absolutely wrong based on the way he typed last day

might fuck around and read day 1 again

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